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RCL plans to carry out a study in order to identify electricity usage patterns of domestic consumers in Sri Lanka. Further, it is expected to determine how different loads (lighting, refrigerator, entertainment etc.) contribute to the overall consumption, in this case, more importantly the lighting load. Information on different energy sources used, and usage of equipment in different times of the day will also be collected and analyzed. This exercise will be the foundation to identify suitable demand side management measures and the appropriate modes introducing them.

The electricity sector in Sri Lanka is advancing rapidly, both in terms of the demand and in the level of penetration of services. Therefore, the sector poses a tough challenge to the government, more specifically to the utility, to infuse and maintain the necessary generation and transmission capabilities. Furthermore, the daily load curve is highly skewed, with a high peak lasting for a short duration. This has been an additional burden to the utility, whereas a flatter load curve would have made existing plants operate more evenly reducing the necessity of adding new plants to manage the high peak.